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Rectory Reflections for August 2017

I calculated recently that I have now written over 70 articles for this magazine!

What you have made of them I can only guess, but in them I have shared my thoughts, aspiration and consequences of one of my favourite pastimes – ‘people watching’.

Some people can go through life without really noticing people or things around them but I am known for being particularly observant (my family say ‘nosy’) - I really enjoy discovering different places, peoples and customs.  We use hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell - often a mix of all these things - to imprint a memory upon our mind – never to be forgotten.

You must know that you have become imprinted on my mind and heart.  I have been with you now for six years as Priest in Charge of this Benefice and my time here has come to an end. Not long enough to get to know all people and places (I am very aware that there are many I have yet to meet or discover – and for that I am sorry).  However, the dear faces of friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to minister and live amongst, will be fixed – imprinted - in my memory.

God too is a ‘people watcher’ and we have been imprinted on his heart.

Psalm 33:13-15 …From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling-place he watches all who live on earth – he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do….

But this watching is not an amusing pastime!  

Our Lord seeks and waits with longing to be intimately know by his creation. 

He knows us, our thoughts, actions and feelings, and wants to be part of our lives – making a difference, influencing choices and action, in good times and bad. 

Omnipresent (ever present) and omnipotent (all-powerful) – only God can be with every person in every place – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yet we can join his watching by also watching for his presence in our own daily lives and that of those around us.  And when this watching reveals recognition, he will race to join those who invite him – now and for eternity.

Just think what a difference we could make if we ‘people watched’ with God’s agenda on our hearts!  Watched and then acted on the prompting of his Spirit.

Please remember also the importance of watching for one another. 

I leave you now in God’s hands, praying that you are blessed abundantly as you move forward as church and community and become, in turn, a blessing to others.

                        Gracious God, help us to see with your eyes, to reach out with your touch,
                        to love with your heart, and respond with joy as we contribute to your Kingdom.


Farewell but not forgotten,
Revd Gill