God's love and power extend over all creation.  Every life, including our own, is precious to God.

Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life, and that there is new life in
Chirst over death.  
                                                                                 ' The Funeral Service' Common Worship


Please contact a warden for further information regarding
funeral arrangements.  


                 Our Churchyards     

           In order to keep the Churchyard looking tidy and beautiful and to comply with Diocesan Regulations,
           we would ask you to consider the following points whether you are planning a funeral or just visiting a family grave.

Before a burial or internment of ashes can take place permission must be sought from the Incumbent or PCC.

Memorial stones are governed by Diocesan regulations and a CRI Form must be completed and signed by the Incumbent.
These forms are usually obtainable from the stone mason or funeral direction.
If permission falls outside of the Incumbent's authority then a representation must be made
to the Lord Chancellor through a faculty application.

Requests should not be made until at least six months has elapsed after burial.

Fresh flowers are preferred.  However, silk flowers may be left on the grave if they are in keeping with the season,
i.e. daffodils in the spring, roses in the summer.  Christmas wreaths are allowed but must be removed after Christmas. 

Shrubs and bushes are NOT allowed

Burials: Planting of seasonal bedding plants or bulbs would be allowed, providing they are removed or cut back after they have finished flowering and are no larger than the memorial stone.

Internment of Ashes: One container for either flowers or bedding plants/bulbs is accepted, providing they do not exceed the width of the memorial stone or 6"/15cm in height.

No photographs are to be attached to the headstone.

No extra ornaments including wire cages or covers may be placed on the grave. 
Anything left without prior permission may unfortunately have to be removed by the Churchwarden.

For more information
please see the booklet on Churchyard regulations in the Church Porch, or contact the Warden for further information.


            Please help us by observing these regulations and remove and take home 
          all decaying flowers or unwanted material from the grave you are visiting.  Failure to do so could result in them being removed.